VplusGo Player 

Do you need to pass an exam?

Prepare yourself for a test with the best VplusGo Player software.

  • Take Tests from .vplus exam files.
  • Install on up to 3 Devices.
  • No Credit Card needed - No subcription.

 System Requirements:

OS: Windows 11/10/8 (x64) 

RAM: 4 GB recommended

File size: 2 MB

.NET Framework: 4.7.2 or later versions.

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What's new. Version: 3.0.1

VplusGo Player Start 01

Friendly interface, easy to use


Drag and Drop .vplus files
Check history of exams
Check report score



Single and Multiple Questions

VplusGo Simulator supports 2 types questions:

Single choice
Multiple choice

HOTSPOT and Drag Drop

Hot Area 
Mark the correct variants of the answer.
Drag & Drop 
Drag the answer to the right position on the image.

Session Questions Setup

Flexible configuration of exam.

To better prepare yourself to an exam, you should know the correct answers, not the question and the answer numbers. You can configure your session to prepare yourself to the exam most efficiently:
Display questions in a certain order or randomly.
Randomize answers.
Hide or show answers.
Enable or disable session timer.
Specify the number of questions in the new session.

VplusGo Player Session 01
GoPlayer 007

Reviewing Results

Review Exam
Once your testing is finished, go ahead and review your answers. For your convenience, you can select:
All questions in this session
Questions with incorrect answers
Questions where you have given no answers
Questions you have marked