VplusGo Exam Simulator

  • 4 Question Types

Single choice, Multiple choice, Hot area, Drag & drop.

  • Session Configurator

Configure the session before taking the test to hide or display the hints, shuffle questions and answers.

  • Result Review

Review your answers and compare them with the correct ones when the testing is over. Reviewing answers is just as important when preparing to take an exam.

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Find the VplusGo solution that works best for you

VplusGo Player
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An exam testing engine for certification exam preparation. Take exams that are just like the real thing.

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    • Take tests from .vplus exam files
    • Install on up to 3 devices
  • VplusGo Editor Pro
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    A simple and convenient software for creating and editing your own exams. Take Tests from .vplus files.

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    VplusGo Editor Pro - Visual Editor
    • Take tests from .vplus exam files
    • Install on up to 3 devices
    • Create your own exam files
    • Edit existing exam files
    • Import exams from Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • VplusGo Converter
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    VplusGo Converter are software tools that enable users to convert VPLUS to from different file types such as PDF, DOCX...

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    • Easily editable PDF and DOCX files
    • Install on up to 3 devices
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